Experts' profiles - Arkadiy Levintanus
Arkadiy Levintanus
Arkadiy levintanus' work is focused on developing outreach and public awareness projects in support of the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Convention on Migratory
Species (CMS) and some others. That includes assisting Parties to the Conventions in designing and implementing national outreach programmes, holding regional and national workshops, elaborating guidelines and toolkits, promoting various educational and training initiatives, etc.

Before joining UNEP in 2003 he worked as a manager for several multimillion projects on technical assistance
financed by the World Bank, including Sustainable Forestry Project and Environment Management Project

In 1989-1991 was employed by UNEP as a consultant in DC/PAC in charge of the Master Plan for Environmental
Rehabilitation of the Aral Sea and as a team member for the World Atlas on Thematic Indicators on Desertification

He worked in the Russian Academy of Sciences as a senior research fellow on environmental components of social and economic
development in various countries of the world. Studied and analyzed the role of efficient management of natural resources (land,
water, forests) in economic progress of different types of countries. Holds a Ph.D degree in economic geography

Arkadiy Levintanus graduated from the Geographical Faculty of Moscow State Teachers Training University and later from the
International Economics Faculty of the National Academy of Foreign Trade (both in Russia).
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