Experts' profiles - Daniele Perrot-Maitre
Daniele Perrot-Maitre
Daniele Perrot-Maitre joined UNEP HQ in Nairobi in May 2009 to coordinate the Ecosystem Management Programme. The programme is one of UNEPs six new areas of work. Its aims to encourage the implementation of the recommendations of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment by strengthening the capacity of countries and regions to apply the ecosystem approach in development planning. The programme focuses primarily on developing countries and regions which experience food insecurity and recurrent water shortages and countries with high biodiversity.

Prior to joining UNEP, Daniele worked in IUCN, Switzerland as the Chief Technical Advisor for the Caribbean biodiversity conservation programme, and as a Programme Officer for the Water Programme where she applied the ecosystem approach to the management of freshwater ecosystems.

Other positions held include research positions at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in Washington DC, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines, and at the Lindbergh Foundation (USA) and environmental policy work at Winrock International (Dominican Republic) and at the World Bank (Haiti, Central America).

Daniele Perrot-Maitre holds a MA and a PhD in Resource Economics from the University of Rhode Island (USA) and a Maitrse in mathematical economics from the University of Paris (France).
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