Experts' profiles - Alexander Juras
Alexander Juras
Alexander Juras, previously the Deputy Director of UNEP's Division for GEF Coordination is currently the Chief of UNEP's Major Group and Stakeholder Branch that is in charge of enhancing engagement and collaboration of UNEP with major groups actors who share the same purpose around the world, involving them at the policy level to take into account their expertise and views, and on the programmatic level in implementation of UNEP's work program.

Major Groups, as defined by Agenda 21, include Women, Children and Youth, Indigenous Peoples and their Communities, Non-governmental Organisations, Local Authorities, Workers and Trade Unions, Business and Industry, Scientific and Technological Communities.

Before joining UNEP, he worked as a research fellow at the Bonn based Institute for European Environmental Policy, then for many years as the Deputy Director of the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, in Szentendre Hungary and as the Deputy Director of the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia, located in Almaty Kazakhstan.

Besides organizational management, his work focused on civil society development and multi stakeholder involvement in environmental matters, environmental information, development and administration of grants programs for various stakeholders and regional and global environmental cooperation.

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