Experts' profiles - Mara Murillo
Mara Murillo
Mara Anglica Murillo Correa, a Mexican national, joined UNEP in May 2008 and holds the position of Deputy Regional Director of UNEPs Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean and, since January 2009, Acting Regional Director.

She has represented her country as head or member of delegations at several international and multilateral fora, was First Vice President of the FAO Fisheries Committee in 2001; Chair of the Review International Panel of the Agreement on the International Program for the Conservation of Dolphins in the framework of the IATTC; Chair of the Compliance Committee of the IATTC, and Chair of the Drafting Group of the Ministerial Declaration of the 2nd Intergovernmental Meeting of the Global Plan of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-Based Activities.

Maras previous roles include Deputy General Director of Multilateral Environmental Agreements in the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources; Director General of Fisheries Policy; Adviser to the Undersecretary of International Cooperation, and Adviser to the Undersecretary of Industry, among others.
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