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Audrey Wandera
Audrey Wandera works with the Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP), a unique partnership that brings together UN agencies, governments, civil society and private sector members, with an aim to conserve viable populations of great apes and their habitat - forested tropical ecosystems.

Her responsibilities include management of GRASP projects aimed at developing national capacity for wildlife monitoring, integration of socio-economic issues into forest conservation and decision-making, as well as promotion of community engagement and support for sustainable use of forest resources. She is also in charge of the GRASP secretariats communication component reaching out to over 800 partners across 23 great ape range States in Africa and South East Asia.

She previously worked with Kenyas Department of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing specializing in the use of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing for biodiversity management and Ecosystem Monitoring. In collaboration with the Environmental Action Team (EAT), a Non-Governmental Organization, she promoted eco-agriculture through awareness raising and training of farmers on the use of bio-intensive technology for sustainable agriculture. This was aimed at addressing challenges arising from agricultural malpractices and population pressure in a rich biodiversity area in Kenyas Rift Valley province.

Audrey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Sciences and a Post-Graduate diploma in Project Management.
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