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Court Gould
Court Gould is Executive Director of Sustainable Pittsburgh (SP), a public-policy advocacy group that affects decision-making in the Pittsburgh Region to integrate economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental quality bringing sustainable solutions to communities and businesses. Since its inception in 1998 at the Pittsburgh Technology Council, Sustainable Pittsburgh has created a diverse coalition across sectors that assists communities and businesses to implement sustainable development practices, and collaborates to integrate sustainability, through policy and practice, into the region's process for long-term planning and development.

Sustainable Pittsburgh established and launched a collaborative model to engage the government, private, and civic sectors on key regional issues, including: smart land use, Regional Equitable Development, Transportation for Livable Communities, amenities and lifestyles, Sustainable Business Solutions, and Sustainable Community Solutions. The principles and triple bottom line rewards of sustainability underpin Sustainable Pittsburgh's niche role of providing a framework for integrated thinking and action for the region's prosperity. As such, the organization's growing network is increasingly a "go to" for expertise on technical issues, best practices, testimony, and referrals. Mr. Gould routinely speaks on these issues and advises businesses and communities on strategies to implement the process of sustainable development.

Court has worked at federal, state, and local government levels and has a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Southern California. He has 20 years experience in public policy and non-profit management and has consulted to national conservation organizations.
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