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Sarah Simons
Sarah Simons is Executive Director of the Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP) - an international, not-for-profit partnership dedicated to tackling the global threat of invasive species through policy guidance, capacity development and awareness-raising. GISPs ten-year goal is that by 2020, the majority of countries have effective policies, laws and capacity in place to implement their national invasive species (biosecurity) strategies and action plans. This goal will be achieved through activities and initiatives at national, regional and international scales in close collaboration with GISPs partner (CABI, IUCN, TNC and SANBI) and affiliate organizations around the world (

Sarah is based at the GISP Secretariat, hosted by CABI Africa in Nairobi, where she has lived and worked for the past 15 years. Previously, Sarah was Global Director (Invasive Species) for CAB International, an Intergovernmental Organisation which has been dedicated to working on invasive species since 1910. Her career of more than 20 years has focused primarily on invasive plants and micro-organisms in a variety of different ecosystems across three continents (Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands). Sarah studied plant pathology at Cambridge University, UK and Massey University, New Zealand.
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