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Julianna Priskin
Dr Julianna Priskin is a research consultant specializing in the environmental aspects of tourism, and presently, she is working on a special project called the ZERO EMISSIONS RACE, where she is responsible for sustainability and communications. The ZERO RACE is an 80-day tour around the world with 100% electric vehicles running on 100% renewable energies, and it is supported by a wide variety of organizations, including UNEP. One of the core missions of the ZERO RACE is to raise awareness about new and innovative technologies for sustainable mobility. Julianna is currently traveling with the ZERO RACE to report daily about the event (, and environmental projects people are participating in around the world where the expedition passes through.

During the past 12 years, Julianna has worked in both academia and as a research consultant, and her work focused on the environmental impacts of tourism. Julianna’s core field of interest is how tourism can become a solution to global environmental problems, and help achieve a realistic balance between development and natural resource conservation, and she has published a range of academic articles and professional reports on these topics. She is also an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Tourism and Urban Studies at the University of Québec in Montreal in Canada.

Julianna holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree with Honours in Geography, and a PhD.from the University of Western Australia. She speaks English, French, Hungarian and German, and is passionate about being a responsible global citizen.

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