Experts' profiles - Francisco Rilla Manta
Francisco Rilla Manta
Francisco Rilla has more than twenty-five years of experience in biodiversity conservation and policy development, biodiversity negotiations, management and implementation of projects, scientific research, wildlife management, ecology and ecosystems restoration program, ornithology, management of birdbandig databases and neotropical shorebirds conservation. As professor at the Catholic University in Uruguay, he was responsible for developing a strategy for wetlands management and research.

In research, he placed his main focus on the biogeography of migratory species in wetlands and grasslands in Uruguay and Southern Brazil.
Between 1999 - 2004, he coordinated the Management Unit of PROBIDES (Biodiversity Conservation and Development Sustainable Program in the Eastern Wetlands of Uruguay), which was a GEF/UNDP project on the conservation of wetlands and migratory waterbirds in the Biosphere Reserve Banados del Este in Uruguay MaB.
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