Experts' profiles - Silvia Giada
Silvia Giada
Silvia Giada has a background in environmental sciences and has served UNEP since 2003, first at headquarters in Nairobi and, since 2007, at the regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean in Panama City.

Before joining UNEP, Silvia worked at the European Commission Research Center, in Ispra, Italy, as member of a group that provided services to the European Commission Humanitarian Office, mainly through the use of information derived from satellite images. Since joining UNEP, Silvia has been mainly involved in early warning and assessment activities, including support to Integrated Environmental Assessment (IEA) processes on a national and regional scale, building capacity in IEA within governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, and building and strengthening practitioners' networks.

She is involved in the production process of the Latin America and the Caribbean Atlas of our Changing Environment, from experts' consultations to designing the look of the publication, and the general coordination of the project.
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