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Daniel Morrell
DANIEL MORRELL Dan works to increase awareness surrounding the
environment, specifically climate change. Planting trees is Dan's life-long passion. Hearing early news of global warming in the mid-eighties, Dan
remembered learning during primary school biology lessons that a tree
changes CO2 into oxygen and wood. The idea came to him that his passion
for planting trees should be shared with the world to mitigate global warming by storing carbon. In 1988 he coined the term Carbon Neutral, equating a certain quantity of trees to an amount of CO2 sequestered. Dan that year traded the first tonne of carbon. Later, Dan founded Future Forests, which became The Carbon Neutral Company. The Carbon Neutral Company
became a reputable world brand leader in its field. Interestingly, it took years to persuade big businesses to commit to action because they failed to
appreciate the consequences climate change would have. It was the
leadership of the artistic community that amplified the idea of Carbon Neutral in the public domain. Dan's contacts such as Joe Strummer, The Rolling
Stones, Pink Floyd and Leo Di Caprio led by example and all became Carbon Neutral, and Roland Emmerich made his film 'The Day After Tomorrow'
Carbon Neutral. Major bands did the same with the production of 100 million CDs worldwide. At this stage, big business was eager to follow and over four hundred and fifty corporations such as Avis, HSBC and Honda developed
Carbon Neutral programmes with Dan.
In 2004, Dan founded Global Cool. This public benefit organisation aimed to show individuals on a global basis how they could act against climate change. The goal of Global Cool, the international campaign that Dan founded in 2004, was to inspire people to act on global warming by personally reducing at least one tonne of CO2 per year. It was successfully launched by Orlando Bloom in Japan at Fuji Rock Festival '06. Global Cool held a reception at No. 10
Downing St. in January 2007, hosted by Prime Minister Tony Blair. During this time, Dan participated in working sessions at No. 10 Downing St. on climate change and has been a panelist at the Accounting for Sustainability project, launched by HRH Prince Charles at Clarence House.
In 2007, Dan founded his fourth company, The Carbon Advisory Service Ltd (CAS) and in 2008, Dan founded Carbon Gold Ltd with Green&Blacks
founder Craig Sams. This organisation was set up to develop biochar as an agricultural product that can be used on a large scale to capture and store CO2, while nourishing the soil.
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