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Christine Kasedde

Kasedde Christine has a background education in Environmental Sciences; she holds Master of Science degree in Environment and Natural Resources. Christine has had slightly over 10+ years of professional career in environmental management and more specifically 5 years in the area of Chemical management. Christine is currently employed as Environment Impact Assessment Officer at National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) where she is responsible but not limited to review of Environmental Impact Assessment Reports that are submitted to the Authority and providing technical guidance in the area of Environment Impact Assessment.

In area of chemical management, since 2008, Christine serves as the National Focal Point for the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). As focal point she develops and manages projects in the same field, coordinates different government and nongovernmental institutions and generally handles day to day issues related to Uganda meeting her obligation to Stockholm Convention. Christine has represented government in a number of regional and international meetings/ conferences in the areas of chemical management. In the spirit of synergies in sound chemical management, Christine works very closely with other focal points like SAICM, Basel convention on trans boundary movement of hazardous waste, Rotterdam convention on prior informed consent.

Christine has coordinated a number of activities in the areas of sound chemical management including the development of National Implementation Plan (NIP) for Stockholm convention on POPs, together with SAICM Focal point, ensuring integration of chemical issues into National development Plan for Uganda (2009/10 -2014/15); coordinated the development of the draft regulation for sound Management of Chemicals (SCM) for Uganda and more recently Christine has coordinated the project on ‘mainstreaming the sound management of chemicals into National Action Plans - implementing the 8 years- 8 actions towards achieving the 2020 goal’.

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