Experts' profiles - Semia Gharbi
Semia Gharbi
I have a strong multidisciplinary background in natural sciences and a Masters degree in environmental geology in Tunisia. I have over fifteen years of simultaneous experience in: (a) Environmental pesticide impact at the international, regional and national levels with emphasis on land, biodiversity and water related issues and we developed two models; (b) teaching life science and geology led me to develop work and I acquired over almost two decades experience in environmental communication; (c) training in sustainable development and strategic planning with a focus on natural resources and environment.
I am particularly interested in the environment and health impact of chemicals, the linkage between the chemicals hazards and their effects on health and environment. I had the opportunity to widen my horizons and link environmental interest to development related issues, such as biological agriculture and sustainable development monitoring . I had conducted fieldwork on pesticides management and biological agriculture.
I have the experience in university teaching environment policies, standards and communication.
I founded a national NGO addressing environmental awareness for future generation especially on chemicals hazards on health and environment issues. We have organized environmental awareness campaigns for collegians and students . I have extensive experience in the NGO sector. I am member of international NGOs working in chemicals awareness.
I attended many UNEPs meetings that offered me the experience in environment policy development at both national and international levels.
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