Experts' profiles - Islam Mustafayev
Islam Mustafayev

Prof. of Chemistry İslam İsrafil oğlu Mustafayev graduated from the Azerbaijan State University and keeps a position of Head of Laboratory at the Institute of Radiation Problems of Academy of Sciences. He received PhD degree from Chemical Physics Institute of Academy of Sciences in 1978 and Dr. of Sciences degree from Saint Petersburg Technical University in 1991.

Prof. Mustafayev participated in in the scientific experience exchange courses at the Central European University (1997, Budapest), University Maryland and National Laboratory on Radiation Monitoring (1998, USA), the Regional Environmental Center for Eastern Europe (2001, Budapest).

He served at the Istanbul Technical University on NATO Program as researcher-professor during 1993-1997. He implemented more than 30 projects of the European Union, NATO, the World Bank, UN and other International organizations. He is the member of New-York Academy of Sciences and active member of International Academy on Sustainable Development.

Since 1995 prof. Mustafayev has been participating in forming of the socio-environmental movement in the country. In 1995 he established the Center of Environmental Researches at the Azerbaijan University. Further in 1996 it was transformed into Environmental Society Ruzgar. Currently, this organization plays an active role in forming the social movement for protection of the environment. The main direction of activity of the Society is connected with the organization of social movement for protection of the environment in the petroleum industry. Environmental Society “Ruzgar” is accredited in the various International organizations (UNEProgram, IUAPPA, IPEN etc).

Prof. Mustafaev organized 8 International conferences sponsored by the WorldBank, Soros Foundation, European Commission, NATO, Eurasia Foundation, ACCELS in Baku.

Prof. I.Mustafayev was a participant of Conferences of the Parties of the Aarhus Convention on Ecological Informing, UNC Combat to desertification. From 2000 till 2005 Prof. I.Mustafayev was a member of International Advisory Council and (2006-2010) member of Board of directors of the Regional Environmental Center. I.Mustafayev was the expert on ecology of the Soros Foundation (1997-2002) and member of Board of Directors of the Social-Environmental Aarhus Center of OSCE.

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