Experts' profiles - Oleg Pecheniuk
Oleg Pecheniuk
Mr. Pecheniuk has more than 17 years professional experience in the area of environmental protection.
Pecheniuk started working as an environmental legal expert in 1997, while still carrying out his legal studies. As a lawyer trained and working in Kyrgyzstan, he has a deep understanding of the national environmental law of that country. In 2012 he received degree DBA of the British Business Academy.
The main areas of the Mr. Pecheniuk activity include the improvement of the ecological policy and the normative legal basis, the conduct of the public ecological expertise, the promotion of the public participation on both national and international levels.
He is initiator and participator of development of he plenty of projects of environmental laws. He prepared ecological expertises of a plenty of normative legal certificates and industrial targets of the Kyrghyz Republic.
Since 1998 Mr. Pecheniuk is the Chairman of NGO Independent Ecological Expertise.
The Independent Ecological Expertise is focused on the development of environmental legislation, ecological expertise, and environmental impact assessment. It strengthens public participation in decision making process, defends peoples rights in courts, conducts information and awareness campaigns on environment and sustainable development. NGO Independent Ecological Expertise is a member of the International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN). As IPEN member organization the Independent Ecological Expertise successfully implemented a number of IPEP projects focusing on the Stockholm Convention on POPs and participated in IPEN and Eco-Accord major campaigns such as Mercury Free Campaign (2008, 2011-2012) Toxic Free Toys (2011-2012) and Lead in household paints (2012-2013).
Pecheniuk initiated the creation of the NGO's Network on the Public Environmental Interests Protection in the Kyrgyz Republic, which consists of about 30 nongovernmental organizations from all the regions of the Republic. Realizing their rights to the favorable environment for human health and nature, the participants of the network conducted the successful lobbying campaign on the Stockholm Convention ratification.
Since 2008 Oleg Pecheniuk is SACIM NGO focal point.
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