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Lewis Fulton
Lewis Fulton has worked internationally in the field of transport and energy analysis and policy development for the past 15 years. He is a transport task manager with the UN Environment Program in Nairobi, Kenya. He joined UNEP in the summer of 2005 and works on developing and implementing sustainable transport projects around the world, leveraging funding from the global environment facility (GEF). Most recently his team (led by ITDP) has received final approval for a $5.8 million project for sustainable transport in Jakarta.

For the six years previous he was a transport energy specialist at the International Energy Agency The recently-published IEA book Saving Oil in a Hurry is the fourth book he has co-authored while at the IEA, along with Biofuels for Transport: An International Perspective (2004) Bus Systems for the Future (2002) and Saving Oil in Transport: Options and Strategies (2001). Previous positions have included the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Policy (1992-1996) and the Independent University, Bangladesh (1996-1997). He received his Ph.D. in Energy Management and Environmental Policy from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994.
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