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Anna Tengberg
Anna Tengberg has a PhD in Physical Geography from Gothenburg University in Sweden where she lectured for several years after completing her PhD. During her time as a Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of East Anglia in the U.K she had the opportunity to widen her horizons and link her environmental interest to development related issues, such as gender aspects of natural resources management. She has conducted fieldwork and published papers on desertification in West and North Africa, indigenous soil and water conservation in East Africa, and soil erosion-productivity modeling for tropical soils in South America and Africa. She has also published papers together with environmental economists on the costs of soil erosion and benefits of conservation.

She joined UNEPs Division of GEF Coordination in 1999, as a Programme Officer in Land Degradation. She is currently the Senior Programme Officer in Land Degradation and Biodiversity. She has developed and overseen implementation of a large number of GEF projects dealing with land and ecosystem management, particularly in drylands in Africa, in partnership with organisations, such as UNDP, FAO and the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) as well as NGOs. She is also involved in the GEF funded Land Degradation Assessment for Drylands (LADA) and is the only female Board member ISRIC-World Soil Information.
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