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Jacquie Chenje
Jacquie Chenje is a Political Scientist who has worked in environment field since 1996 at the sub-regional, regional and global levels. She has been involved in capacity building in a wide spectrum of areas including: strengthening State of the Environment Reporting in Southern Africa; building media capacity to authoritatively report on environmental issues, coordinating field training initiatives and investigative journalism fellowships and; coordinating the development of an on-line learning tool for documentalists & librarians interested in environmental issues. In the early years of internet she implemented a major internet connectivity initiative for members of IUCN- The World Conservation Union, which involved provision of hardware and software & basic internet training to access and provide information on the world wide web (www).

She has worked for UNEP since 2001 and is currently a Programme Officer in the Capacity Building and Partnerships Section of the Division of Early Warning and Assessment responsible for tool development and training in integrated environmental assessments. As the focal point for South-South cooperation in the Division she is particularly interested in broadening the scope of collaboration and technical cooperation among experts in developing countries.

Jacquie has a passion for ethnic art and unique decor, loves to entertain and enjoys the simple pleasures of life like spending good quality time with family and friends.
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