Youngseok Lee
Youngseok Lee
Topic: Water Security and Ecosystem Degradation
Mr. Youngseok Lee is a senior program officer in Freshwater Ecosystem Unit in Division of Environmental Policy Implementation in UNEP. He joined UNEP in April 2013 and has been working for UNEP for ...
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Posted on 22/11/2014 11:15:51
Water security and degraded ecosystem:
What possible steps can be taken to manage urban water security and the management strategy for source Ecosystem (River) which is already degraded ?
SHAIL KUMAR (from India)
The first step should be scientific assessment for ecosystem health and find out hot spots of ecosystems based on monitoring system.
Second step should be the examination of water demand and supply.
Third step should be preparing strategies to address the issues. e.g. pollution control strategy, restoration of ecosystem strategy and improving water security.
Forth step should be preparing action plan based on the strategy including investment plan, ecosystem restoration plan, water saving plan, etc.
In each step, stakeholder engagement is very important and the institutional framework to implement the plans is also important.