Upcoming sessions
Keith Alverson on UNEP Adaptation GAP report
From 27/11/2014 00:01 (GMT) to 27/11/2014 23:59 (GMT)
Session in English
Jerker Tamelander on Coastal Wetlands in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
From 28/11/2014 00:01 (GMT) to 01/12/2014 23:59 (GMT)
Session in English
Claire Poole on The role of business and public-private partnerships in combating Climate Change
From 03/12/2014 00:01 (GMT) to 04/12/2014 23:59 (GMT)
Session in English
Nick Henry on Climate Actions work with UNEP
From 14/12/2014 00:01 (GMT) to 16/12/2014 23:59 (GMT)
Session in English
Eric Usher on Climate Finance
From 19/12/2014 00:01 (GMT) to 22/12/2014 23:59 (GMT)
Session in English
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