Experts' profiles - Juan Fernando Caicedo
Juan Fernando Caicedo
Juan Fernando Caicedo is a Programme Officer responsible for the Lead and Cadmium Activities at the UNEP Chemicals Branch, Division of Technology, Industry and Economics based in Geneva, Switzerland. He has been responsible for this work since June 2004.

Lead and cadmium are two heavy metals that have been drawing attention to the environmental agenda since the UNEP Governing Council (GC) in February 2001 when called upon Governments who have not yet done so to eliminate the use of lead in gasoline. More recently, attention to lead and cadmium has been given through the UNEP GC decision 25/5 and through the invitation from the International Conference on Chemicals Management to serve as the secretariat for the global partnership on phasing out the use of lead in paint. The recent UNEP GC decision in February 2009 noted that further action is needed to address the challenges posed by these two elements as it was recognized that they pose particular problems in developing countries and countries with economies in transition. Juans work has also been orientated towards the process of the elaboration of the reviews of scientific information on lead and cadmium.

In his previous professional experience, he also worked with the Basel Convention and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). All together almost nine years of continuous professional experience in the United Nations and in the UNEP.

Juans background consists of a BSc. in Petroleum Engineering from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Medelln and a MSc. in Environmental Pollution Control Management from the University of Heriot Watt in Edinburgh, Scotland. Before joining UNEP, he worked in the oil industry sector for almost four years.
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