Experts' profiles - Maximilien Pardo
Maximilien Pardo

Maximilien Pardo is the UNEP South Haiti Programme Manager. He joined the UN in 2007 and has been working in Haiti since 2010. After the 2010 earthquake, Maximilien has been supporting the small island developing state to decentralize development interventions and to reverse environmental degradation trends.

Maximilien has led the development of a UN coalition in the South coast of Haiti to promote integrated development at sub-national level and ensure environmental sustainability. The UNEP marine programme in South Haiti supported the Government in declaring the first 9 marines protected areas of the country in 2013.

Prior to working in Haiti, Maximilien worked in Ecuador, South Africa, Mali Brussels and Geneva on environment related matters for UNEP and Research Institutes (e.g. International Ocean Institute). The core of his work has been mainly on coastal areas and socio-economic engineering for natural resource management.

Maximilien holds a Masters in Anthropology (ULB-Brussels) focusing on social marine ecology, as well as a Masters in International Humanitarian Action (UCD-Dublin & UCL-Louvain) with specialization on the recovery-development nexus in coastal zones.

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