Experts' profiles - Miriam Hinostroza
Miriam Hinostroza
Head of Programme Low Carbon Development
Miriam is an environmental economist with a PhD in Energy Planning. She has 15 year experience working with policy and science of the interactions between sustainable development, energy and climate change through research, capacity development and policy advice. As head of the Low Carbon Development Programme she is responsible for planning and implementing UNEP Risoe Centre's activities on climate change mitigation and sustainable development. She has extensive experience on mitigation policy advisory, capacity development and knowledge management gained through multi-country, multiyear and multimillion project management. She has managed the CD4CDM programme which lasted for over a decade and has conceptualized and co-authored several publications and web based tools to support CD4CDM activities.

Currently, Miriam's work is focused in two broad complementary areas: low carbon strategies and actions and public and market instruments as finance mechanisms, all leading to low carbon development. Work includes strengthening national institutions and processes for analysing and implementing GHG mitigations options while supporting knowledge development and dissemination to increase access to finance through climate funds and carbon markets, to both public and private stakeholders. Before joining the UNEP RIS Centre in 2003 Miriam has worked at the University of So Paulo conducting research on energy and climate change in the Brazilian energy sector. She has also worked with applied research on the field of energy and climate change mitigation options for Latin America looking at socio-economic impacts of different regulatory and market based instruments to mitigate climate change in the region. On purely academic terms, Miriam is currently supervising PhD research projects on institutional development and South-South cooperation in Latin America. Miriam is a peer reviewer for Energy & Environment (multi-science) and Climate and Development.
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