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Matt Billot
Matt Billot

Matt Billot is the Regional Coordinator for Europe within UNEP's Division of Early Warning and Assessment and is primarily responsible for delivering the activities of sub-programme 7 ‘keeping the environment under review’ in the region. In particular coordinating the GEO-6 assessment for the pan-European region. Before this Matt was the Head of the Global Environmental Outlook (GEO) Unit within UNEP's Division of Early Warning and Assessment and was responsible for the Integrated Environmental Assessment Section and delivering the GEO-5 assessment in 2012.

Before joining UNEP, Matt Billot worked for WSP Environment and Energy in the UK as an Associate Director of the Environmental Planning team. He was responsible for undertaking environmental impact assessments of development proposals across a wide range of sectors, particularly property, industry and transport. He contributed to the development of the Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations 2004 and has undertaken strategic environmental assessment and sustainability appraisals of development plans and spatial strategies at both the local and sub-regional level. Prior to working in the private sector as a consultant, Matt worked for the University of Manchester and in the field of nature conservation and woodland management.

Matt Billot obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Combined Science from the University of Brighton and his Masters degree from the University of Manchester in Environmental Impact Assessment and Management Systems.

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