Sasakawa Prize Laureate (2010-11)

The Asociación Forestal Integral San Andrés, Petén (AFISAP)
Tel: +502 45236789

Summary of Environmental Achievements

AsociaciÓn Forestal Integral de San Andrés, Petén (AFISAP) is an organisation dedicated to the comprehensive management and conservation of an area of 51,939 hectares located in the Multiple Use Zone of the Maya Biosphere Reserve.

By adopting Forest Stewardship Council-certified best practices, AFISAP protects the biodiversity of the forests and the cultural values of the Mayan archeological sites, while also preventing deforestation due to forest fires and unmanaged agricultural expansion, and generating economic and social benefits for the local communities.

The organization annually harvests around 585 trees within an area of 600 hectares or a density of approximately one tree per hectare.