Sasakawa Prize Laureate (2010-11)

Manahari Development Institute-Nepal (MDI-Nepal)
Phone: +977-57-521133

Summary of Environmental Achievements

Manahari Development Institute – Nepal (MDI-Nepal) is committed to the promotion of responsible agroforestry in the hill slopes of Makawanpur district in Nepal where only 7% of the land is cultivable and the rest are under serious threat of destruction from deforestation, slash and burn practice, and other unsustainable practices.

The organisation’s approach helps reduce soil erosion and its consequences that can include aquatic habitat alteration, coastal contamination, and loss of productive farm land. With the involvement of the indigenous community, MDI-Nepal delivers economic and social benefits to more than 2,000 households by improving the productivity of marginal lands with the planting of various fruit crops, and by providing clean energy technologies, such as solar home systems, improved cooking stoves and biogas stoves.