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Hèros de L'Environnemt de la Semaine

Environmental Projects

"Toad Population Limitors" - Co-ordinator of a local community group including children and adults removing Cane toads, an introduced species, off the streets and back yards of Mataranka and Katherine. This invasive species kills native frog, lizards, snakes, fish and even crocodiles by poisoning them. We humanely dispose of the toads by freezing them and using them as fertilizer.
2. Alluminium can recycling- collecting cans from public areas for recycling, saving the waterways in flood time and beautifying the local parks for visitors.
3. Participating in community tree planting days and community clean up days.
4. Produce an Enviro Newsletter for distribution to school students.
5. Spread the enviromessage through news, TV and radio media.

UNEP Participation

  2007 World Environment Day celebrations in Stavanger, Norway
2006 TUNZA International Children's Conference in Malaysia
2005 Children's World Summit in Japan

Awards Received

  2006 Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year Award
2008 Australia Day Community Event of the Year Award - Toad Population Clean Up
2008 Northern Territory Young Achievers Award - Environment and Youth Leadership- Special Commendation

Favorite Environmental Message

  "From little things, big things grow...."

Personal Interests

  Soccer, Cricket, Motorbike riding, Fishing, Camping and spending time with my family.