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UNEP and the
Millennium Development Goals

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Environmental development is key to achieving overall sustainable development.UNEP's work to promote environmental sustainability, the object of Millenium Development Goal 7, underpins global efforts to acheive all of the Goals agreed by world leaders at the Millennium Summit.

UNEP supports assessments of environmental conditions and trends including building the capacity of its many partners to generate the information necessary for sound environmental decision making to support sustainable development and the achievement of the Millennium Goals.

UNEP's work encompasses:

- Assessing global, regional and national   environmental conditions and trends.
- Developing international and national environmental   instruments.
- Strengthening institutions for the wise   management   of the environment.
- Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and   technology   for sustainable development.
- Encouraging new partnerships and mind-sets   within civil society and the private sector.


Goal # 1

Eradicate Extreme Poverty

Goal # 2

Achieve Universal Primary Education

Goal # 3

Promote Gender Equality

Goals # 4, 5, 6

Improve Public Health

Goal # 7

Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Goal # 8

Global Partnership for Development


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