Gender and the Environment

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Videos on women who collecting and managing water. The following videos illustrate this:
·         Colombia: Women’s Voices
·         India: Walking for Water
·         West Bank: We, the Women of Jayyous
·         Sudan: River Blindness: Women and Biomedicine
Archived Webcasts of Special Events 2009
Courtney: Offsets the Onset
Courtney is a young American living in Oxford, UK who manages carbon offsetting projects around the world.
Tena Kabena - Gardens from dust
Children and youth group volunteers clean up garbage dumpsites around the city and then works to rehabilitate the land through planting trees. Their success and extraordinary passion has been recognised by the Ethiopian government who awarded them a small piece of land to develop their concept.
HE Mrs Batilda Burian, Tanzania, on gender and environment
Prof.Wangari Maathai, Kenya, calls on armies to join Billion Treee Campaign
HE Rejoice Mabudafhsai, South Africa, on gender and environment
Kalyanee Shah, Nepal, on women & environment in Nepal Kalyanee Shah, Nepal, on women and environment
Women on the Front Line
New film series takes on culture of silence on violence against women
Curtain raiser - Opening video (Windows Media Video File):
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Crossing the Divide, Part 1 - TVE programme
16 July, 2004 – In a two-part programme, Earth Report talks to four environmental activists who have become leading politicians. Their backgrounds could not be more different, but they have all used their green campaigning, as a springboard into politics. Earth Report finds out what motivated them to become politicians, and asks them if they believe they made the right move joining the political establishment? In Part 1 we meet Wangari Maathai, founder of the Kenya's Greenbelt reforestation movement, who became a government minister, and we meet Tuenjai Deetes, the Thai Senator who made her name as an environmental campaigner.