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Customizing the blueprint

Although the ultimate goals are similar, the particular circumstances of each region - political, economic, cultural and environmental - dictate different emphases in each region. In Africa, a premium is placed on food security, governance, economic diversification, population growth and urbanization, universal primary and secondary education, poverty, health (particularly in relation to HIV/AIDS), deforestation and land degradation.

Deforestation, inequity, poverty, urbanization, freshwater resources and regional air pollution head the reform agenda in Asia and the Pacific. In Europe, the accent is on energy, governance (especially in relation to EU enlargement), agriculture, transport and the preservation of natural areas. Governance, healthcare, universal primary and secondary education, deforestation, poverty and inequity, and urbanization are highlighted in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Discussions in North America focus on energy use, perverse subsidies, trade regimes and water availability in the arid west. The principal concerns in West Asia are water availability, food security, diversifying the economy, healthcare and universal primary and secondary education. In the polar regions, the focus is on governance in relation to international activities in the Antarctic, rights of indigenous peoples in the Arctic and resource exploitation in both.