The below agency photographs are hosted on the UNEP GEO 4 website in low resolution for viewing purposes only. Please use the link to the photo agency that supplied the imagery for any use whatsoever. The photo agency will supply you with high resolution images after you register and establish a method of payment.
SLUM, PHILIPPINES. Cebu City.These families are too poor to buy homes inland with access to clean water. - Mark Edwards/Still Pictures
WATER AND SANITATION, PHILIPPINES. Cebu City. Woman collecting water from a submerged standpipe. - Mark Edwards/Still Pictures
ALIEN SPECIES, FRANCE. Mediterranean Sea. - Seaweed, Caulerpa taxifoila , accidentally introduced. - Frederic Denhez/Still Pictures
ALIEN SPECIES, UGANDA. Lake Victoria. - Water hyacinths accidentally introduced from Latin America. - Nicolas Granier/Still Pictures
Water hyacinth from South Amerika at the Victoria Lake : plant , ship , environment , ecology , flower , botany , nature - Hartmut Schwarzbach / argus / Still Pictures
ITALY, Po Delta. Saluzzo vicinity Cuneo. Ancient woodlands being strangled by an introduced species of climber, Sycios Angulatus. - Mark Edwards/Still Pictures
Workers removing invasive alien plants from fynbos vegetation. Cape, South Africa - Martin Harvey / Still Pictures
PESTICIDE USE, ITALY. Po Delta, Vicinity Saluzzo. - Spraying pesticides to peach orchard. - Mark Edwards/Still Pictures
PESTICIDE USE, INDIA. Andhra Pradesh, Chittoor District, Rishi Valley. Spraying a cocktail of herbicide and growth-promoting hormones on tea plants. - Mark Edwards/Still Pictures
AGRICULTURE, GERMANY. Small aeroplane spraying pesticide on crops. - MCSETHGAN -UNEP / Still Pictures
AGRICULTURE, ENGLAND. Spreading fertilizer. - HUNT-UNEP / Still Pictures
COTTON INDUSTRY, INDIA. Madhya Pradesh. - conventional agriculture / labourer sprays chemical pesticide cocktail in cotton field. - JOERG BOETHLING / Still Pictures
AGRICULTURE, SPAIN. Aerial crop spraying. The WHO estimates that chemical pesticide use causes 20,000 deaths and millions of cases of poisoning each year. - O.Mazzucchelli -UNEP / Still Pictures
AGRICULTURE, BOLIVIA. - Applying fertilizer to crop by hand. - RON GILING/LINEAIR / Still Pictures
FLOODS, UK. Upton upon Severn. November 2000. Flooded cars and new houses on river Severn floodplain. - PAUL GLENDELL / Still Pictures
People with small boats carry drinking water and a dog through floods in the Longford area of Gloucester England July 2007 - PAUL GLENDELL / Still Pictures
Inflatable boat and a canoe paddling in the road in Longford area of Gloucester England July 2007 following floods in the city - PAUL GLENDELL / Still Pictures
DEFORESTATION, BRAZIL. The Amazon, Roraima State, 3/98. - Forest fire. - JOHN MAIER, JR. / Still Pictures
EROSION, CAMEROON. Mount Oku, Bamenda Highlands. Establishing a contour hedge to prevent erosion. - MARK EDWARDS / Still Pictures
DROUGHT, CAMEROON. Maroua City. In order to reach water, holes are dug in the dried up bed of the River Mayo Kalliao.
FUELWOOD, CAMEROON. Bamenda Highlands, Mount Oku. A young boy has gathered fuelwood from the forest. Families need to burn wood for cooking and heating. - MARK EDWARDS / Still Pictures
WATER, BURKINA FASO. Silmiougou Village. - Children collecting water from the village pump. - MARK EDWARDS / Still Pictures
LA PAZ, BOLIVIA. La paz is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. 90% of homes are without piped water or basic services. - MARK EDWARDS / Still Pictures
BUSHMEAT, CONGO. - Poachers smoking primates to preserve the meat. - MARC ANCRENAZ / Still Pictures
Rio Othon Palace Hotel at Copacabana beach, Atlantic avenue ( Avenida Atlantica ), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. buildings and beach, urban landscape and tropical beach, contrast, reinforced concrete and nature. - Ricardo Beliel / Still Pictures
CRACKED EARTH, VIETNAM. - Land mine victim farming drought-affected land. - Le Hoai Phuong -UNEP / Still Pictures
WATER, MYANMAR. Near Kyauk Padaung - rural central Myanmar. Water is gathered from wells dug out of dry river beds during the summer months. - BAGAN MAUNG/UNEP / Still Pictures
DESERTED LAND, MALAYSIA. Perak, Bagan Datch. - FONG CHONG KOK/UNEP / Still Pictures
WATER POLLUTION, SWEDEN. Baltic Sea. - Algae bloom. - NDRE MASLENNIKOV / Still Pictures
WATER POLLUTION, FRANCE. - Algae bloom in river due to fertilizer runoff. - HERVE CHELLE / Still Pictures
EL NINO FLOODS, KENYA. Tana River Valley, nr Garsen. 1998. - Flooded village. - G.GRIFFITHS/CHRISTIAN AID / Still Pictures
GLOBAL WARMING, BANGLADESH. Dhaka, Gulshan, Naya Nagar, 09/98. - Flooded shanty town. - SHEHZAD NOORANI / Still Pictures
GLOBAL WARMING, THAILAND. - Drought / cracked earth. - KITTPREMPOOL-UNEP / Still Pictures
GLOBAL WARMING, BANGLADESH. Dhaka. 09/98 - Flooded street - garment factory workers commuting to work. - SHEHZAD NOORANI / Still Pictures
ITALY. River Po, vicinity Casale. Water taken from the Po for intensive farming has increased to 18 billion cubic metres a year. In many places, the river is almost emptied, exposing the rocky river bed.- MARK EDWARDS / Still Pictures
CORAL REEF, SRI LANKA. Hikkaduwa. - Professor S. Ekaratue mapping coral reef killed by sea - temperature rise. - F.Naumann -UNEP / Still Pictures
HUNTING, RWANDA. - Mountain gorilla killed by guerillas. - MICHEL GUNTHER / Still Pictures
POLAR BEAR, ARCTIC. (Ursus maritimus). - Bear is starving, as food supplies for polar bears have been reduced by global warming. - Hinrich Baesemann -UNEP / Still Pictures
GROUND POLLUTION, NEW ZEALAND. - Chemical outflow pipe. - K.Adam -UNEP / Still Pictures
NUCLEAR POWER STATION, USA. - Cooling towers. Concerns over radioactive waste, leaks, accidents and terrorism could threaten future of nuclear power. - J.Haas -UNEP / Still Pictures
NUCLEAR POWER, FRANCE. - Child in front of cooling towers. - J.Kamien -UNEP / Still Pictures
DEFORESTATION, PHILIPPINES. Forest clearance for road building. Deforestation leads to regional temperature rises and accelerated rates of desertification. - P.Magalona -UNEP / Still Pictures
DESERTIFICATION, SAHEL. - Sand dune threatens to engulf oasis in desert. Climate change and destruction of natural vegetation have caused deserts to spread. - Voltchev -UNEP / Still Pictures
DEFORESTATION, INDIA. - Felling last tree at brickworks. Wood is used to fuel the - furnaces that bake the bricks. - B.Bhagat -UNEP / Still Pictures
INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION, RUSSIA. - Russian couple protest against pollution by wearing chemical masks during wedding ceremony. - A.Zhdanov -UNEP / Still Pictures
TRANSPORT. Two aeroplanes flying past each other, leaving vapour trails behind them. - OACHIM SCHULTZ -UNEP / Still Pictures
ROAD TRANSPORT, PORTUGAL. - Child engulfed in car exhaust fumes. - PERES-UNEP / Still Pictures
AIR POLLUTION, JAPAN. Osaka. - Smog trapped over city due to thermal inversion, a layer of cool air that traps airborne pollution. - M.Watabe -UNEP / Still Pictures
COLLECTING WATER, BURKINA FASO. nr Gorom-Gorom. Bella nomad girls pump water from a well. - MARK EDWARDS / Still Pictures
OUTSKIRTS OF KATHMANDU, NEPAL. Christmas Day 1969. Today every inch of the landscape is covered with houses; the mountains cannot be seen through the smog - MARK EDWARDS / Still Pictures
CITY SCENE, NEPAL. Kathmandu.In 1969 had barely 200,000 inhabitants. - MARK EDWARDS / Still Pictures
Germany / Wertheim - residents do their shopping in the inner city , which is flooded by the rivers Tauber and Main. - Peter Frischmuth / argus / Still Pictures
PROTEST, ITALY. Turin. - Children protest against traffic pollution by wearing gas masks. - Angelo Doto -UNEP / Still Pictures
SURUI CHILDREN, BRAZIL / AMAZON. - Surui children watch a bulldozer clearing away forest in order to build a road. - MARK EDWARDS / Still Pictures
GLOBAL WARMING, GREENLAND. A stream of melt water cascading off the vast Arctic ice sheet which covers Greenland. The ice sheet is melting because of global warming - ROGER BRAITHWAITE / Still Pictures
Beijing fights against sandstorms. Cyclists during a sandstorm at Tiananmen Square. - sinopictures/Readfoto/Chan / Still Pictures
RECYCLING, PHILIPPINES. Manila Bay. - Children collecting floating waste for recycling. - Hartmut Schwarzbach -UNEP / Still Pictures
SLUM, PHILIPPINES. Manila. Shanty town with cranes in the background. Manila Bay. - TINA ELAINE RUSTE -UNEP / Still Pictures
TOWNSHIP LIFE, Ivory Coast. Washing clothes, el banco, Yopougon, near Abidjan. West Africa. A huge sprawling township across the lagoon from the capital. It has a population of over a million. - NIGEL DICKINSON / Still Pictures