GEO - 5 Meetings

Meeting of the SPM Drafting Group and the High-Level Intergovernmental Advisory Panel
Second meeting of the High Level Intergovernmental Advisory Panel
First meeting of the Science and Policy Advisory Board

Nairobi, Kenya, 13 - 14 April 2011

The Final Statement (UNEP/IGMC.2 Rev.2) of the first Global Intergovernmental and Multistakeholder Consultation on the Fifth Global Environment Outlook held in Nairobi from 29–31 March 2010 agreed to establish a Science and Policy Advisory Board “comprising reputable scientific and policy experts to support the process and provide guidance to chapter authors to ensure that the process is scientifically credible”.

The primary objective of the Science and Policy Advisory Board (SPAB) - in accordance with the Final Statement (UNEP/IGMC.2 Rev.2) - is to support the process and provide guidance to chapter authors to ensure the process is scientifically credible. The SPAB, with support from the Secretariat, will provide high-level strategic advice to the Secretariat and the GEO-5 production team relating to: linking with other relevant global processes; compliance with the objectives, scope and process as outlined in the adopted Final Statement and the GC decision; scientific credibility, standards and guidelines for assessment; and the review process.

See below the ToR's of the SPAB, Science & Policy guidelines, highlights of the SPAB Meeting:

GEO-5 First Production Meeting

8 - 11 November 2010, Cairo - Egypt

CEDARE LOGOVenue: Intercontinental Hotel, Semiramis Cairo
Meeting organizers: Centre for Environment & Development for the Arab Region and Europe ( CEDARE )
Purpose: The aim of this meeting, among other things, is to achieve a common understanding of the GEO-5 scope, objectives, process, and roles and responsibilities for the various expert working groups. Each chapter working group will be expected to establish key storylines, and develop an annotated chapter outline. In addition, working groups will develop and agree on a detailed timeline and production schedule and workplans for their chapters, including roles and responsibilities for Coordinating Lead Authors, Lead Authors, and Contributing Authors.
Finally, gaps in expertise will be identified, and time permitting key literature sources will be identified.

The following documents have been released:

Regional Consultations

September - October 2010

The aim of the consultations is to agree on priority environmental issues/challenges and their related internationally agreed goals.

UNEP is organizing regional consultations for GEO-5 on the dates shown below:
For Consultation Reports and Media highlights, Click here
The First Global Intergovernmental and Multi-stakeholder Consultation on the fifth Global Environment Outlook Report