Note: This is the 1997 edition of UNEP's Global Environment Outlook. If you are interested in more recent information, please see the 2000 and 2002 editions.

Figure 4.6. Index of global emissions of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide.

Alcamo and Kreileman (1996); Gschwandtner et al. (1985); Hameed and Dignon (1988); Keeling (1973, 1994); Klein Goldewijk and Battjes (1995); Marland and Rotty (1984); Marland et al. (1994); Mylona (1993); Overrein et al. (1981); Placet and Streets (1987); WRI/UNEP/UNDP (1994).
Data for carbon dioxide emissions before 1990 are derived from Keeling (1994); data after 1990 are assumed and are from Posch et al. (1996). No reliable historical data are available for nitrogen oxide emissions.