Note: This is the 1997 edition of UNEP's Global Environment Outlook. If you are interested in more recent information, please see the 2000 and 2002 editions.

Table 2.10. Annual Internal Renewable Water Resources and Water Withdrawals in North America

Annual Internal Renewable
Water Resources
Annual Withdrawals Sectoral Withdrawals
(percent) (b)
Total (cubic
1995 Per Capita
(cubic metres)
Year of
of Water
Per Capita
(cubic metres)
Domestic Industry Agriculture
Canada 2,901.0 98,462 1991b 2 1602 18c 70c 12c
United States 2,478.0 9,413 1990 19 1870 13d 45d 42d

Compiled by the World Resources Institute.
a. Annual Internal Renewable Water Resources usually include river flows from other countries.
b. Data are from the early 1990s.
c. Sectoral percentages estimated for 1987.
d. Sectoral percentages date from the year of other annual withdrawal data.