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Global Outlook for Ice and Snow
Chapter 6C: Ice and Sea-level Change
Degraded sea wall protecting the village of Yadua, Fiji - Patrick Nunn
Mangrove nursery and recent foreshore plantings - Patrick Nunn
Flooding on FDR Drive and 80th Street, Manhattan during the December 13 1992 extra-tropical cyclone - The Queens Borough Public Library, Long Island Division, New York Herald-Tribune Photo Morgue
Potential surge height for a Category 1 (Saffir-Simpson scale) hurricane at Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel Manhattan entrance - Rosenzweig and Solecki 2001
Gold Coast Australia. Billions of dollars of coastal infrastructure built immediately adjacent to the coast - Bruce Miller
Greenland ice sheet was losing about 100 billion tones per year around 2000. This may have doubled by 2005 - Konrad Steffen
Low-lying coral atolls are particularly vulnerable to sea level rise - John Hay
Male, Maldives aerial - Bruce Richmond, USGS
Concentration of human settlements and activities along low lying coasts, as shown here for Rarotonga, Cook Islands - Helen Henry
Sea wall protecting road in the atoll of South Tarawa, Kiribati - John Hay
The Thames Barrier. Built 25 years ago, the barrier and associated defences require significant upgrading to protect the City of London from higher sea levels and storm surges - The Environment Agency