Global Partnership on Waste Management

About the GPWM

Global Partnership on Waste Management (GPWM) diagram The GPWM is a voluntary and collaborative relationship between various international stakeholders, in which all participants agree to work together and coordinate activities in a systematic way to enhance international cooperation and avoid duplication of efforts.

The GPWM supports the development of work plans to facilitate the implementation of integrated waste management at national and local levels to overcome environmental, public health, social and economic issues inflicted by waste and its impact. The GPWM also supports policy dialogues and other activities to exchange experiences, practices, and other information. It facilitates enhanced awareness raising and capacity building, and it contributes to enhance the funding base available to support waste management while reducing transaction costs by combining financial and technical resources to tackle identified challenges at local, national and sub-regional levels.

The GPWM also aims to complement existing work in the area of waste with a holistic approach which is a noted gap in waste management at large. The holistic approach is meant to facilitate coordination among different waste sectors and related activities, to avoid duplication of efforts and to improve efficiency and effectiveness by complementing rather than competing.