Global Partnership on Waste Management


Submitted by Regional Platform of Electronic Waste in Latin American and the Caribbean (ROLAC) (non-governmental organization)

(Note: ROLAC provided a response for e-waste)

Waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) needs to be categorized according to material composition and level of hazard. These standards should be harmonized at regional level in order to provide a reference for the development of national laws. In most Latin American countries, the establishment of infrastructure for the treatment and recovery of e-waste is needed. Standards also need to be developed for the treatment of e-wastes. International exchange of experience and knowledge needs to be promoted to enhance e-waste management in the region. It is important to establish a system to fund the recycling of e-waste in general, especially for orphaned and second-hand products, where producer accountability mechanisms are more difficult to implement. There is also a need to support the development of regional projects in e-waste recycling, including awareness raising campaigns for consumers. It is important to define and extend responsibilities of developed countries with regards to e-waste, particularly regarding used electric and electronic equipment. Capacity building is needed for the stakeholders involved in an integrated approach to e-waste management. It is also important to strengthen the regional dialogue on e-waste management to provide coherent region-wide approaches.