Global Partnership on Waste Management

Maps of Ongoing Activities

The maps of ongoing activities in capacity building on waste management were developed by the secretariat of the Global Partnership on Waste Management (GPWM). The maps were developed to provide information on “who is doing what and where”. By compiling this information, the GPWM secretariat aims to provide an overview of recent and ongoing activities and enable stakeholders to identify future project partners, synergize activities and avoid duplicating efforts. The maps were produced through a non-exhaustive database listing recent and ongoing activities on waste management in developing countries mostly undertaken by intergovernmental organizations. The database consists mostly of specific country or locally-based projects, however, broader programmes and initiatives by international organizations have also been included. Information has mainly been compiled from the websites of the organizations and other sources. The maps are accompanied by a report providing a narrative overview of the activities undertaken by the different organizations that can be found here.

Each activity is focused on, or consists of waste management components in one (or more) of nine waste streams. A map has been developed for each waste stream: