Global Partnership on Waste Management

GPWM Steering Committee Meeting

Back-to-back with the Partnership’s biennium conference, the steering committee of the GPWM held its first meeting on 4 November 2012 on the premises of UNEP’s International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC) in Osaka, Japan. The steering committee is the governing body of the GPWM and is composed of the lead entities of the GPWM’s six focal areas, as well as other core partners from international organizations, civil society and the private sector. At its first meeting, the steering committee reviewed the progress made in the focal areas and provided strategic guidance on the overall work plan of the GPWM.

A meeting report has been published and can be accessed here: Report of the GPWM Steering Committee meeting.


From left to right: Matthias Kern, Secretariat of the Basel, Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions; Katharina Kummer Peiry, UNEP IETC; Yuyun Ismawati, International POPs Elimination Network; Heidi Savelli, UNEP DEPI; Hermann Koller, ISWA; Rob Visser, UNEP IETC; Matthew Gubb, UNEP IETC; Arab Hoballah, UNEP SCP; Heinz Leuenberger, UNIDO; Bojan Auhagen, UNEP IETC; Mushtaq Memon, UNEP IETC; Carolin Sanz Noriega, UNEP IETC; Smail Alhilali, UNIDO; Gary Crawford, ISWA; Brandon Turner, UNITAR; (not present: Surya Chandak, UNEP IETC)



Above: The GPWM steering committee in session