Working group meeting in Vienna, 2011

Working Group Meeting in Vienna, 2011.In the course of 2011, the consultative process leading up to the launch of the GPWM was complemented by additional consultations in New York, Paris, and Brussels. Since these last meetings, the GPWM has entered its implementation phase. One of the steps in implementing the GPWM is the development of work plans for the six focal areas, namely: integrated solid waste management (ISWM), electronic waste (e-waste), waste agricultural biomass, waste and climate change, marine litter, and waste minimization.

The focal areas are the means through which the GPWM provides coordination to avoid duplication of efforts and to identify and fill the gaps in waste management activities.

The working group meeting in Vienna, which was hosted by the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), provided an opportunity to discuss the work plans for each of the six focal areas, review progress on the Information Platform on waste management, think about the way forward, and share information on current activities.

Working Group Meeting in vienna, 2011. Meeting participants discussing over coffee.
Intervention by John Haines.

The following documents are available for download:

  1.  Agenda
  2. Powerpoint presentations
    Presentation on the Global Partnership on Waste Management (GPWM)

Outline of the work plan on integrated solid waste management (ISWM)

Outline of the work plan on e-waste

Outline of the work plan on waste agricultural biomass

Outline of the work plan on waste and climate change

Outline of the work plan on marine litter

Outline of the work plan on waste minimization

Presentation on the Information Platform on waste management

Presentation by the Global Mercury Partnership

Presentation by the Secretariat of the Basel Convention

Presentation by the Institute for Global Environmental Studies (IGES)

Report of the meeting

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