Global Partnership on Waste Management

Objectives and Expected Outcomes


The objectives of the GPWM are:

  1. Objectives and Expected OutcomesTo enhance international cooperation, outreach, advocacy, knowledge management and sharing, and identifying and filling information gaps in waste management to protect human health and environment, and to tackle adverse impacts of unsound management of waste.
  2. To raise awareness, political will, and capacity to promote resource conservation and resource efficiency through waste prevention and by recovering valuable material and/or energy from waste.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Holistic approach to waste management is promoted.
  2. Level of waste management activities is increased due to enhanced international cooperation, advocacy, awareness, political will, and outreach.
  3. Already available information is shared and additional information is created to fill the gaps.
  4. Better coordination among member institutions so that they can benefit from each others’ actions.
  5. Efficient and synergized activities to avoid duplication and to promote efficiency of efforts.
  6. Wider range of partners and stakeholders are approached for enhanced and coordinated activities.