Who is GEI?

Steven Stone, Chief of UNEP's Economics and Trade Branch and the Green Economy Initiative

Steven Stone is the Chief of UNEP’s Geneva-based Economics and Trade Branch (ETB).  He holds a PhD in Resource Economics from Cornell University and has more than 20 years of professional experience in environmental and natural resource management.

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Pavan Sukhdev, Former Head of the Green Economy Initiative and Founder of "Corporation 2020'

Pavan Sukhdev is the founder and author of “Corporation 2020”, a campaign and a book which envisions tomorrow’s corporation, which shows how corporations and society can and should work together to achieve common goals to build a green economy. With 25 years of financial markets experience, his recent work has focused on environmental economics and the green economy. Pavan wrote this book at Yale University, where he is a Visiting Fellow. He was awarded the McCluskey Fellowship for 2011, in order to write “Corporation 2020” and create a graduate course on TEEB.  In October 2012, he was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for UNEP.

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Sheng Fulai, Head of the Research and Partnerships Unit, Green Economy Initiative, ETB 

Fulai is currently the head of the Research and Partnerships Unit of ETB based in Geneva. His areas of expertise include integrated public policymaking, international payments for ecosystem services, and integrated economic and environmental accounting.

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Joy A. Kim, Programme Officer, Green Economy Initiative, ETB

Joy has been working in the area of economic and environmental policies specially on the issue of climate change, trade and environment, environmental goods and services as well as environmental governance almost 15 years.

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Asad Naqvi, Economic Affairs Officer, Green Economy Initiative, ETB

 Asad leads research and advisory services work of UNEP’s Green Economy Team on agriculture and food, poverty reduction and inclusiveness, and trade in biodiversity based products.  Asad has 17 years experience of policy research and advice, programme and project management and coordinating inter-agency initiatives.

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Vera Weick, Programme Officer, Green Economy Initiative, ETB

Vera Weick, Programme Officer, has worked on environmental economics, environmental management and sustainability assessments with a focus on capacity building over the last 12 years. She is currently working on training programmes, outreach activities and programming for the Green Economy Initiative and leading the implementation of a number of partnership initiatives.

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Ronal Gainza-Carmenates, Consultant, Green Economy Initiative, ETB

Ronal Gainza-Carmenates joined the Advisory Services Unit of the Green Economy Initiative at the Economics and Trade Branch of UNEP in July 2011. He has been supporting Latin America and Caribbean countries in implementing green economy policies as a pathway towards sustainable development.

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  Anja von Moltke, Acting Head, Trade, Policy and Planning Unit


Anja von Moltke has almost 20 years of experience with international environmental policy, negotiations and capacity-building in different environmental sectors.

She currently heads the Trade, Policy and Planning Unit in the Economics and Trade Branch. She has also worked as Senior Advisor on Green Economy and Rio+20 and led for many years UNEP’s work on environmental fiscal reform and environmentally harmful subsidies. She also has substantial experience in the field of climate change, energy, biodiversity and sustainable fisheries.

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Kristin Dypedokk, Programme Officer, Green Economy Initiative, ETB

Kristin Dypedokk joined the Economics and Trade Branch (ETB) of UNEP in 2012 to work on research and advisory services related to the Green Economy Initiative. Her work focuses on trade, food systems, energy, and poverty eradication in the context of sustainable development. 

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  • Désirée Leon, Programme Assistant / Focal Point for Publications
  • Fatma Pandey, Administrative Assistant
  • Rahila Somra, Administrative Assistant