Who is GEI?


Vera Weick has worked on environmental economics, environmental management and sustainability assessments with a focus on capacity building over the last 12 years. She is currently working on training programmes, outreach activities and programming for the Green Economy Initiative and leading the implementation of a number of partnership initiatives. She coordinated the production of three sectoral chapters in the Green Economy Report, including waste, cities and buildings.  

Before that, Vera was managing UNEP’s Trade and Biodiversity Initiative supporting countries, specifically in the African, Caribbean and Pacific Region, to analyze the social, economic and environmental impact of trade-related policies in the agricultural sector and the specific linkages to biodiversity. She also led the development of guidance and training manuals on policy assessment and economic instruments.

Vera started her career with the German International Cooperation (GiZ) in Indonesia assisting the Ministry of Environment to develop a cleaner production programme.  As part of this, she worked on the development and implementation of training programmes for small enterprises on profitable environmental management, good housekeeping and chemical management, including assignments in South Africa, Thailand, Algeria and Vietnam. Vera studied economics and business administration in Germany and the United States, specializing in development economics, environmental economics and marketing and completed her studies with a post-graduate training course at the German Development Institute.