Who is GEI?


Asad Naqvi has more than 18 years’ experience of providing technical assistance and policy advice through global, regional and national programmes in areas of green economy and development planning, economic policy, governance reforms, trade policy and negotiations, poverty reduction, and food security. Currently he leads a team which supports countries and regions in achieving their sustainable development and poverty reduction goals through greening of economies.

Asad joined UNEP in 2004 and has served as Acting Head of Green Economy Advisory Services Unit (2012-2013), Coordinator and contributing author of the Agriculture Chapter of the Green Economy Report (2009-2010 ), Manager for Green Economy Advisory Services for different regions (2011-2012) and Coordinator of UNEP-UNCTAD Capacity Building Task Force on Trade, Environment and Development (2004-2009).

In the Caribbean region, Asad is managing Green Economy Advisory Services for Barbados, Haiti, Jamaica, and Saint Lucia. In East European,  Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine have been receiving UNEP assistance under his supervision. In the past, he managed green economy assessments of NepalNamibia, and Peru. He played a key role in the development of the East African Organic Product Standard (EAOPS) and various policy reforms in the region. His projects have led to production of Organic Business GuideIntegrated Assessment of Organic Agriculture in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, a report on agriculture and food security in Africa, and an eight-country review of best policy practices to promote organic agriculture.

He also contributed to the CBTF work on Wildlife Trade Policy Reviews in UgandaViet NamNicaragua and Madagascar. This work resulted in the development of a Framework for Reviewing National Wildlife Trade Policies, and a study on Social Dynamics and Wildlife Trade.

Prior to joining UNEP, Asad served as Programme Advisor for UNDP’s Regional Governance Programme for Asia (2001-2004) and he also worked with the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), IUCN, and The Asia Foundation in Pakistan (1994-2000).

Asad holds a Master of Arts degree in Environment, Development and Policy from University of Sussex, UK and a Master of Science degree in International Relations from Quaid-I-Azam University, Pakistan.