Who is GEI? Kristin Dypedokk


Kristin Dypedokk, Programme Officer, Green Economy Initiative, ETB

Kristin Dypedokk joined the Economics and Trade Branch of UNEP in 2012 to work on research and advisory services related to the Green Economy Initiative. Her work focuses on trade, food systems, energy, and poverty eradication in the context of sustainable development. 

In the project Green Economy and Trade Opportunities, Kristin works on identifying trade opportunities that arise from and can drive a transition to greener economies. Some main outputs of this project are the production of the “Green Economy Trade Opportunities – Trends, Risks and Challenges” report, and the implementation of Green Economy Trade Advisory Projects to assist developing countries in utilising their green trade potential. She also supports the FAO/UNEP AgriFood task-force, which aims at improving sustainable production and consumption in global food systems. In addition, Kristin represents UNEP in the steering committee of the UN Forum for Sustainability Standards, a platform for information and analysis of the development impact of private standards. She is gender focal point for ETB.

Prior to joining UNEP in Geneva, Kristin worked in the organisation’s headquarters in Nairobi on mapping of environmental aid structure and donor relations. Before that, she was senior executive officer for the interdisciplinary master’s programme and assistant researcher, with Erik Blytt Stipend (2008-2009), at the Centre for Development and Environment, University of Oslo. She also served as Head of the Information Committee for the Norwegian Council for Africa.

Kristin Dypedokk has a background in development and environment studies. She holds an M.Phil. in Culture, Environment and Sustainability, from the University of Oslo, Norway.