Who is GEI?


Sheng Fulai is currently the head of the Research and Partnerships Unit of UNEP based in Geneva. His areas of expertise include integrated public policymaking, international payments for ecosystem services, and integrated economic and environmental accounting. He is currently the technical manager of the UNEP-led Green Economy Initiative, which aims to motivate and enable governments and businesses to invest in environmental sectors such as renewable energy, green buildings, public transport, sustainable agriculture, and watersheds. Mr. Sheng holds a Masters degree in economics from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (1985). Prior to joining UNEP in 2005, for over twenty years, he had served the Chinese Ministry of Finance, the World Bank, the World Wide Fund for Nature, and Conservation International. His major publications include: Real Value for Nature – An Overview of Global Efforts to Achieve True Measures of Economic Progress; Comparative Assessment of Development Options; Macroeconomic Policies, Poverty and the Environment (co-author); Rights, Wants and Needs: Economic Instruments and Biodiversity Conservation, and Integrated Policymaking for Sustainable Development: A Reference Manual (co-author).