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Capacity Building for Biotrade in Nepal


Biotrade and Green Economy Week  

30 May -3 June 2011

Katmandu, Nepal


Organised by UNEP

In cooperation with UNCTAD and GIZ




As part of the Nepal Capacity Building for Biotrade project (CBBT), UNEP organised a biotrade and green economy week in Kathmandu. The CBBT project is part of a bigger initiative that is also being implemented in Namibia and Peru with the support of GIZ and in cooperation with UNCTAD. CBBT seeks to analyse and advertise the potential of biodiversity bases businesses in transitioning to a green economy, and achieving economic development, conserving biodiversity and ecosystems, and reducing poverty. Based on the analysis, it aims to build national capacities to benefit from the opportunities offered by biotrade.

Nepal is endowed with abundant biodiversity and natural resources but it ranks among the world's poorest countries, with a per capita income of around $427 in 2009. A major share of national economy and well-being of its people heavily depend on sustainability and use of these resources. Agriculture remains Nepal's principal economic activity, employing over 73% of the population and providing 34% of GDP. About 33% of the total land is under forests, which are the depositories of biodiversity and genetic resources. Agriculture and forest provide livelihoods, food security and climatic stability in addition to exportable products.



Policymakers, development partners and businesses are increasingly recognizing the vital role that sustainable production and trade of biodiversity based products can play in stimulating and sustaining economic development and exports, creating employment opportunities and reducing poverty. Similar opportunities are offered by investing in greening other sectors of economy such as agriculture, tourism, energy, and manufacturing.



The Biotrade and Green Economy Week brought together participants from the private and public sectors as well as representatives from a variety of development cooperation agencies to discuss the potential for biotrade and green economy in Nepal and options to support the country in realising this potential.











Agenda for the week

1. A national workshop on “Biotrade: A business opportunity with export, poverty reduction and conservation benefits”.

2. A panel discussion on “Biotrade: A Business Perspective”.

3. A symposium on “Aid for Biotrade and Green Economy: discussion with Bilateral and Multilateral Development Partners”.

4. A consultation with high-level decision-makers from public and private sector on “Role of Biodiversity in Investments, Exports and Poverty Reduction:

5. A Public Forum on the Role of the Media in Promoting Biotrade and Green Economy


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