Measuring The Future We Want



 In the last several years, major international organizations have launched green economy (GE) / green growth (GG) initiatives to integrate economic, environmental, and social imperatives. At the heart of any policy evaluation is indicators, which are one of the major research priorities identified by the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP), a partnership of UNEP, World Bank, OECD and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI).

This conference will bring together international organizations, governments, research institutes, NGOs, businesses and other groups that are interested in using indicators to support the development of GE /GG policies.

Objectives and outputs

GGKP partners engaged at the country level in the area of indicators, they saw the need to harmonize approaches, draw experiences and lessons from all key players, including civil society groups, and provide consistent advice to countries interested in pursuing inclusive GE /GG policies. Day 3  focussed specifically on activities in the area of GG/GE indicators of the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP). The day was finalized with a closed session among the GGKP partners to conclude the outline of a joint publication and the details of the related work program.

*OECD has developed and applied GG indicators covering environmental and resource productivity, natural assets, environmental quality of life, and economic opportunities and policy responses. It is also developing GG headline indicators.  *The World Bank has been working on Adjusted Net Savings (ANS) for many years and is now focusing on ecosystem/natural capital accounting. *UNEP has a wide range of activities on indicators ranging from its Global Environmental Outlook, Inclusive Wealth Report, and indicators of sustainable consumption and production, to the most recent effort to produce a guidance manual on using indicators in developing GE policies.