UNEP's Green Economy activities and side events at Rio+20

Key Information related to the Rio Conference


Wednesday, 13 June

  • Green Economy Success Stories: Lessons Learned at the
    Regional, National and Local Levels click here
  • Measuring Progress Towards a Green Economy click here

Thursday, 14 June

  • Press briefing to launch report by the Poverty-Environment Partnership click here
  • Developing an economic framework which respects human rights and planetary boundaries click here

Friday, 15 June

  • Green Economy and Trade: Assessing Risks and Opportunities click here
  • Building The Future We Want: Play Forward+50 to make change Serious Game looks ahead to a Sustainable Rio click here

Saturday, 16 June

  • Working Towards a Balanced and Inclusive Green Economy: A UN Perspective click here

Sunday, 17 June

Monday, 18 June

  • Promoting Inclusive Green Growth and building a Green Economy as a means to achieve sustainable development: Perspectives on Opportunities and Challenges faced by Africa, LDCs, LLDCs, and SIDS click here

Tuesday, 19 June

  • Overcoming barriers to Subsidy Reform for Green Economy
  • High Level policy Forum on Development of a Framework for Green Economy click here

Wednesday, 20 June

  • Multi-lateral Cooperation Towards Sustainable Development click here

Thursday, 21 June

  • Tax and Subsidy Reform for a Greener Economy click here

Friday, 22 June

  • Decent Work and Social Protection Floors for Sustainable Development (ILO, IMF, and UNEP) click here
The Outcome Document: The Future We Want