Call for Bids


UNEP’s Trade, Policy and Planning Unit invites national institutes with research capacity in sustainable trade and green economy to submit a concept note for a national level project on Green Economy and  Trade Opportunities (GE-TOP). GE-TOP identifies and assesses sustainable trade opportunities arising from the transition to a green economy. The project aims at enabling stakeholders in developing countries and emerging economies to identify and harness these trade opportunities, advancing and accelerating the shift to a greener economy.

In order to implement these findings at the national level, three GE-TOP pilot projects are currently taking place in different sectors with national partners and governments in Ghana, Viet Nam and Peru. Expanding these activities to two additional countries, UNEP’s Trade, Policy and Planning Unit is looking for new national partners to undertake country-level GE-TOP projects. For more information on GE-TOP and how qualified institutes may apply, please refer to the documents below.